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The Medical Form should be downloaded and completed by a Medical Doctor.

Any queries can be directed to:


Aslam Mahomed

WAKO IF Board Director

President of WAKO Africa

President of SAKA

Cell: 081 325 1789


​Louise Van Staden
​​Cell: 076 330 6532




All the medical activities / procedures are contained in the Constitution, Rules and Regulations. Herewith a consolidation.

  1. All Instructors must be First Aid qualified to instruct Kickboxing.

  2. Every participant must undergo a medical check-up by a medical doctor at the beginning of the year before competing. The Medical Form to be completed by your doctor is attached. This MUST be done every year.

  3. Everyone training kickboxing at a registered club / gym must sign an indemnity before training.

  4. A competition indemnity must be completed by the participant before he / she may compete. The competition organizer may not let anyone compete without completing the indemnity. The competition organizer must keep all the indemnities for six months after the event. A copy of the competition indemnity is on the website.

  5. The instructor / coach of the fighters competing at an event must sign the competition Declaration stating that his / her fighters are still healthy and fit to compete at the event. The competition / event organizer is responsible to see that the declarations are completed. The declarations must also be kept for a period of six months after the competition / event by the organizer.

  6. No event / competition may be held without well qualified medical personnel and a fully equipped ambulance on site. Should an event / competition present both Ring and Tatami sport simultaneously there must be a medical official at the ring and a separate medical official for every four tatami`s. Once the ambulance leaves the event the event / competition may not continue until the back-up ambulance arrives.

  7. Should a fighter not be able to defend him / herself the referee must stop the contest.

  8. Should a fighter be knocked out (KO) or endure a technical knockout (TKO) due to several hard punches against the head the event / competition medical must do the concussion test and the fighter must go for a thorough head injury check-up. The fighter may not do any contact sparring or competitions for at least one month where after he / she must be certified by a medical doctor to continue with kickboxing.

  9. Everyone who competes in kickboxing must have his / her own medical aid. SAKA cannot be held responsible for any medical injuries or death should it happen.

  10. Although we have very few injuries of a serious medical nature it must be realised that Kickboxing can be a dangerous sport.

  11. All Ring Sport participants must do a pre-fight medical at the weigh-in before every competition / event.




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