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Just as Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dancing and other sports have various items which one can participate in, kick-boxing has various modes / styles of fighting which one can participate in.

The styles / modes of Kickboxing are:

- Semi Contact,

- Light Contact,
- Kick Light,

- Full Contact,

- Low kick,

- Musical Forms and

- K1 Fighting.

Creative forms are also practiced and one can participate in it at competitions.

Semi Contact:

The purpose of semi contact is to develop one's speed and technical ability. The idea here is to score points technically correct and as fast as possible. The referee will stop the bout once a point has been scored by means of a punch or a kick. Once the point has been awarded the referee will let the bout continue. Only kick-boxing techniques are allowed. The techniques must be firm without using excessive power and they must make clean contact.

Light Contact:

This method of fighting is continuous and the participants may not use excessive power. Scoring will be done by two/three side judges and the outcome of the bout will be determined by adding up the judges scores. The purpose of light contact is to allow the fighter to use his/her technical ability in a continuous mode and to serve as development for Ring Sport.

Kick light :

It is similar to Light Contact with an added benefit to kick the inner and outer thigh above the knee.


Full Contact:

The purpose is to use all your kick-boxing techniques with all your power to your disposal. All the kicks must be above the belt. We do however stop a bout should the main table / referee see that one of the fighters cannot defend him / herself properly. In full contact the safety of the weaker fighter is of utmost importance. Full contact is executed in a boxing ring and judged by three side judges.


Low Kicks:

Similar to full contact with the added technique of kicking the thighs. Just not in the groin please.


K1 Rule Fighting

Similar to full contact, the legs may be attacked by means of kicks, the knee may be used and the spinning back hand.

Clinching is allowed for a period of 5 seconds only and during this time you must use your knee.

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