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Our Mission

Our Mission is to objectively promote and practice kickboxing in all its modes / styles in accordance with international rules, regulations and national objectives:

    Semi (Points Fighting),

    - Light,

    - Kick light,

    - Full Contact,

    - Low kick,

    - Musical forms and
    - K1 Rules

Managerial process

Our Managerial process is democratic of nature governed by a constitution with a laid down activity plan for the year. We are managed by an executive who are elected every four years at the SA Championships.

Our Attitude

You can only make a difference if you actively participate. We do not tolerate people who always have bad things to say about others but they themselves are not actively involved in promoting the sport. Practice what you preach and maintain integrity.


We operate according to the SAKA Constitution (South African Kickboxing Association) and are guided by the constitutions of MASA (Martial Arts South Africa) and WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organization).

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