The Mall Event and SA Championships have been postponed due to the Covid-19 / Corona virus and regulations laid out by the state. 
After the President's announcement, the SAKA Executive has decided that 
the SA Championships will not take place as planned due to the unforeseen dangerous virus. 
Unfortunately it's a reality how the virus can spread amongst people
and we will have to look at an alternative date after the quarantine period. 

The Mall Event has also been postponed.
Further events on our Calendar may be affected and on hold until further notice.
Tough times need tough decisions. 
Let's stay positive and ask God to help the world. 
Please notify all instructors and people selected to have participated at the SA's.
Valhalla Club will be closed until further notice. 
We hope that all clubs will follow the example and close down until the end of the
holidays, then review the situation again before opening.